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Price Your Home for Sale

July 16,2019 | Posted By Brian Sloan in Listing
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There are a number of factors that will affect the success of your home sale. These include: location of the home, interest rates, economic conditions, time of year, condition of the home, marketing the home, terms of the sale and accessibility to the home. Some of these are not within your control, such as the location of your home, interest rates and economic conditions. Other factors are those you'll discuss with your real estate agent to determine what would most benefit the sale of your home.

Pricing the home properly can make a huge difference in whether a house is purchased relatively quickly or languishes on the market for months on end. In order to price your home properly, Donation Realty studies the local market in depth, researches comparable properties in your neighborhood and the surrounding area, and considers current market conditions (is it a seller's market or a buyer's market). We present this information to you, listen to your concerns and together identify the right price for your home. 

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